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The Timeless Romance Anthologies and Timeless Regency Collections are published through Mirror Press, LLC. Submissions to the anthologies are by invitation only.

Mirror Press is the publisher of the USA Today bestselling box set Romance Through the Ages and the USA Today bestselling anthology Mail Order Bride Collection.

Any questions, please contact owner Heather Moore: editor (at) precisioneditinggroup (dot) com

Foreign rights inquiry: Lauren Abramo at Dystel & Goderich Literary Management: labramo (at) dystel (dot) com

Authors from the Winter Collection
Joyce DiPastena, Annette Lyon, Donna Hatch, Sarah M. Eden, Heather B. Moore
(Heidi Ashworth, not available)


  1. Hi there, the answer to my question may be right in front of my eyes on your website and I'm just not seeing it, but I am wondering, are your romances religious or secular? I've been looking for clean romances that are secular, and they are very hard to find!

  2. Anna,
    All of our collections are secular. We know the combination of clean and secular is hard to come by, which is one big reason we chose to go that direction. There's a real need for more secular clean stories!

  3. Hi, I'm wondering if you ever open up your anthologies to new writers. I write sweet and inspirational contemporary romance. Just let me know.